[About Don777]

For the past 20 years, I have edited the CD release information of
anime-related soundtracks. Thus I have an understanding of the anime
industry from the perspective of the music industry. Now, I'm an independent
Otaku blogger.

This blog is about my favourite interests: Anime, anime soundtracks and
Akiba culture [including Maid cafes!] (^^). This blog will be updated
between two to four times a month.

[My Geek credentials]

*Joins Japanese BBS service: niftyserve (predecessor of today's @nifty,
Japan's version of COMPUSERVE)

* Established "Anime Forum" (forerunner of @nifty ANIMEFAN) on niftyserve,
and was the first SYSOP.

*After handing over the position of SYSOP of "Anime Forum", devoted my
entire time to edit an online magazine: "Monthly Anime CD Info" on "Anime

*Updated the format of "Monthly Anime CD info" which continues till today.
Price, JASRAC CD-ID data all included. This magazine received strong support
of CD vendors, that allowed the magazine to be published on time.

*Started my Japanese blog "Don's blog" using the pseudonym of "don777". The
initial purpose of this blog is to act as a supplement to "Monthly Anime CD

*@nifty shuts down all the BBS services, compelling the magazine to migrate
to a web-based-BBS service under @nifty-Animefan [The successor of Anime
Forum]; however that was not successful leading to the indefinite suspension
of the magazine.

*Started an independent Otaku life.

2008[to present]:
*Created this English blog as a complement to my Japanese blog

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[My Interests]
As mentioned above, it's Anime, anime music(CD), Akiba, and Otaku cultures. Yet, I've never been to Comiket for the past 10 years because of excessive commercialization, and unbearable crowd. There are more than 100 titles on my list of favourite CDs, and these are just anime & tokusatsu related titles only. And I would like to share these with you.

[My favorite soundtrack composers]
These are my favorite composers from the respective decads:

'80s: NAMBA Hiroyuki, NITTA Ichiro, ASAKAWA Tomoyuki, SAGISU Shiro, SASAJI Masanori, (the late) HANEDA Kentaro

'90s: KANNO Yoko, SENJYU Akira

'00s: SAITO Tsuneyoshi

NOTE: I have excluded J-POP artists from the list above. Towards the end of the 90s, many mainstream J-pop musicians started to particpate in anime productions as music composer. Some of my favourites OST by these artistes includeI Scudelia Electro's "King Bandit Jing" OST, HASHIMOTO Ichiko's "Rahxephon"OST.

[My favorite Anime]
To me, the storyline and the music(OST) are the most important aspects of an anime production. If I don't like cinematography and/or the design of the characters, I can still appreciate the Anime because of its music excellence. Here's a list of my favorite anime shows from 1990 to the present.

(My rating system - The full marks: *****)

2007: Saint October:***

I have mixed feelings towards this series. I don't like the slow pace in the introductory episodes (1-10). However, the script is fantastic. The characters' designs (incl. Costume) is outstanding. I was really amused by the villains in each episode. Moreover, the appearance of "real" gothic-lolita detectives, performed by three leading seiyus, is really excellent.

2006: Pumpkin Scissors:***+

The script is really well-written for this excellent original story. Although it has many episodes I don't feel that this series is unbearably lengthy. The artwork is also excellent.

2006: RED GARDEN:****

Excellent, but it's a controversial series. I highly appreciate the uniqueness of each characters. Each characters had a variety of costume change and their fashion design is fantastic. SENJYU Akira joined this work as music composer. But his music is exceptionally low-key. The problem of this anime is having many objectional (violent) scenes for a TV anime, and its not suitable for overseas screening.

2006: Project blue Earth SOS:****+

Really excellent! This is based on a very old Japanese SF story, written by KOMATSUZAKI Shigeru. It's packed with much retro future (or nostalgic future/lost future) concepts. The visual design, storyline, and music are impressive. The only regrettable point is the limited number of episodes. If you' belong to the younger generation, I'm afraid that you may not appreciate this work at all because you need to have much knowledge of Otaku history. But If you like GAINAX's "Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water" and/or Gerry Anderson's UFO, I believe you'll be able to enjoy this masterpiece.

2006: Welcome to the N.H.K. :***+

Undoubtedly, this is one of the best TV animes in the past 3-4 years because this work is reflection of contemporary Japan's social problems (i.e. HIKIKOMORI, addiction to MMRPG, pyramid selling...etc). It's very exceptional. I wonder if this work well received outside of Japan.

2006: Zegapain :****

I like this work very much since story is similar to "DT Eightron", and "Argent Soma", works that I enjoyed. The early episodes looks just like the combination of the usual campus-life story and robot anime conventions. But overall, this series turned out to be an outstanding series contrary to my first impressions. The storyline/script is unpredictable. I feel that the bold adoption of virtual space is really contemporary work.
The only regrettable part is the lack of a good soundtrack.

2006: Kashimashi: -Girl Meets Girl-:***+

I don't have much expectations for this series at all. But It didn't turn out to be as bad as I thought. The protagonist (someone who changed from a boy to a girl) is quite unique. In addition to that, its artwork is really beautiful.

2006: Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru:***

It's known as OTO-BOKU in short. I unexpectedly turned out to like this work. The leading Seiyu for the protagonist is HORIE Yui. Its very impressive that she played her role in a rather low-key voice. This work follow the trend of Jyosou movement in Japan. It's a rather thought provoking work. Gender discrimination is still a classic theme even in Japan.

2006: Love Get Chu:***

I don't have much expectations for this work at all. But in the end I enjoyed this work so much. Its cinematography and music (except the OP song) is just mediocre. However, each episode reflects the reality of the anime/show-biz industry. A start-up animator meets a would-be-seiyu girl.
The seiyu-casting is also perfect. The OP song is really excellent.

2005: Paradise Kiss:****

MAITTA! This is an awesome anime. Literally speaking, this is a sequel of
Neighborhood Story(ご近所物語[Gokinjyo Monogatari]) in the 90s. However, both story/script and visual-quality is dramatically beefed up! It's rather regrettable that this anime has only 12 episodes. However, the imperfect part of this series are the protagonist's voice acting and the soundtrack.

2005: ARIA The Animation:***

I can't enjoy the stylised soundtrack of this work. However, the heart-warming story is very good. I can't believe that this is a late-night anime.

2005: Bewitched Agnes(奥様は魔法少女[Okusama wa Maho- Sho-jo]):***

I never expected to like this work, however it turned out to be really very good. INOUE Kikuko's performance of the protagonist is undoubtedly excellent. The supporting character:Tastumi-kun is a really faithful guy who is rather unusual these days.

2004: Fantastic Children:*****

I can easily give full-marks for this anime. I'm very pleased with overall excellence of artwork, storyline, and music. I think that it's a reincarnation of 僕の地球を守って[Please save my earth]. But the theme is hard to understand for non-Asians, I think. I'm very impressed with UENO Koji's OST music, too.
However, the music has the atmospherics of Koji's esoteric style.

2004: KURAU Phantom Memory:****

MAITTA!, this is a fantastic work. I can recommend this work for all anime fans. It has all the elements of love, suspense, SCI-FI and action. Theexcellent direction is rather impressive.

2004: Fafner of the Azure(蒼穹のファフナー):****+

Widely accepted as an excellent work by many viewers. However the story is rather serious...

2004: DearS:***

This is fairly good anime. Its story looks like many former works (i.e Hand-Maid Mei). However, there is a female Otaku: Neneko, as the protagonist's bad old friend(悪友). The existence of Neneko makes this an edge piece of work.

2003: Godannar(神魂合体ゴーダンナー):***

I didn't have much expectations for this work. The (original Japanese) title sounds like a B-class erotic anime! However, the storyline turned out to be very exciting, paying homage to old robot animes of the 70s and 80s. WATANABE Chumei's music is still as fresh as 30 yeas ago. I never believe that he is near eighty years old! His taste is still very contemporary, and still youthful.

2003: Nanaka 6/17:****

I'm very pleased with this comedy, and laughed very hard at the eccentric
Nanaka. It's rather interesting to cast the protagonist as a nerdy(studying-hard) female student, shunned by classmates.

2002: Nurse Witch Komugi:***

Excellent B-class anime. That's all.(^^).

2002: RahXephon:***+

As many viewers stated, this work is heavily influenced from Evangelion. However, this is really different work from Eva, I think. My most favorable part of this series is HASHIMOTO Ichko's music. It's undoubtedly one of the best anime soundtrack after year 2000.

2002: Princess Tutu:***

This work is unfortunately, ignored by many Japanese viewers. However, this st ory is very surreal, pretending a simple fairly tale. The key reason: ballet is not good for TV anime because of budget limitation. But the creators managed to overcome the excessive animated sequences with clever direction. The music is undoubtedly WADA Kaoru's best work. OKAZAKI Ristuko's OP-SONG "Morning Grace" is also excellent.

2002: Chobits:****+

Very good work. I highly appreciate this series. It's exceptional for a CLAMP production.(Generally, I don't like CLAMP's works...)

2001: Kokoro Library:***+

This has quite unique set:library. The story is really fantastic.

2001:Earth Maiden Arjuna:****

Excellent, this series didn't disappoint given my strong expectations of KAWAMORI Shoji. But I think that this works has fairly complicated storyline as a prime-time anime.

2001: Mahoromatic:***+

This work (including the sequel) is the Moe version of "Death and Rebirth". I'm so shocked at seeing the completely transformed male protagonist in the last episode!

2001: Z.O.E Dolores,i:***

I have mixed feelings for this work. I will not recommend this work to anyone because this works has many bad aspects (e.g. slow pacing of the early episodes, bad artwork...etc). However, the story become exciting as the series progressed. I like this work overall because this anime is rather unique. The protagonist of this story could be one of the oldest hero ever (he is really an Oyaji, having two children who are already working adults).
The final battle over an orbital elevator is a rather outstanding sequence and is unique in anime history.

2000: Argento Soma:****

This work is one of my best anime in year 2000. This is apparently a sequel to Evangelion. Both the music and the direction are special. The composer: HATTORI Katuhisa is a authority in the Japanese music industry. I'm very surprised after listening to his self-composed OP-SONG, which is still very youthful. I can't believe that he is nearly 80 years old.

1999: Corrector Yui:*****

Literary speaking, this work is in the final work of the 20th century. But I like this work so much. This work is the cyber-Moe version of a Japanese classic novel 南総里見八犬伝[Nanso Satomi Hakkenden]. But the theme is very universal,and is able to appeal to non-Japanese. This work is good anywhere even outside of Japan. For me, I'm very pleased with KAWAI Kenji's music.
His music reminds me of his rookie days. I also appreciated the excellence of the costume designs.

The last update: 12.Oct.2008