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17 October 2008

Cosplay event experience: Harumi Cosplay Terminal

Early Oct, I attended "Harumi Cosplay Terminal"(by JCF), a cosplay event held at Harumi ferry terminal(JP-LINK1, JP-LINK2, JP-MAPLINK) in Harumi area. I am not there as a cosplayer (I can never do it!) (^^;), but a photographer for my cosplayer friends.
(Please click below for detail)

Within Tokyo, there are usually more than one cosplay event every weekend. There are some cosplay-event organizers(like C-NET). But I have never been to these kind of cosplay-only event. Because I don' t like to become an (in)famous internet meme like the "Frontline Guy(*1)"(最前線君)(^^;.

There are two cosplayers in my group. One is an experienced cosplayer, and the other is a first timer. Their theme is Neon Genesis Evangelion. Honestly, I like photography. However, I have never taken portrait photography since it needs some communication skills. At first, I wonder if I can take good photos for them, but after many trials-and errors, we did take some nice photos. Here's some snap shots:




[Left: Double as Shinji, Right: Bangin as Kaoru]

The black tower is the icon of Harumi. I feel nostalgic about Harumi since this terminal is very close to now-defunct Harumi Convention Center (晴海国際展示場) where major exhibitions such as the Electronics Show (the forerunner to today's CEATEC, now held at Makuhari Messe) and Comiket were held. I haven't never been to Harumi ever since Tokyo Big Sight was built. On this short trip, the former Harumi expo site is now a vast empty lot.

(If you like to see more photos, please refer to a Bangin' s entry and a Double's entry on their blogs)

To my surprise, we eventually (really) met two girls, cosplaying Evangelion's Asuka and Rei in a school uniform. That complemented the characters in our group and we could form a complete cast. Here's the result of our happy coincidence:



[from left to right: Bangin, Ryou(as Asuka), Double, Emi(as Rei)]

As a photographer, I need to improve my skills in portrait photography and also as well as upgrade my digital camera (an old Dimage from Konica Minolta). Unlike a still-life photographer, a portrait photographer needs to have good communication skills. He is more like a movie director than just a camera operator. He needs to tell the subject how to pose and what to do during the photoshoot in order to get the right kind of composition and desired effects.

*1) The "Frontline Guy"(最前線君) is a legendary weird camera-Kozou. No one knows his real name. But he made frequent appearances in many events, having weight-heavy Canon L-lens. Please see details in these links(LINK-1, LINK-2, LINK-3).


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I look forward to more cosplay reports :D


Posted by: 0ne | 05 November 2008 at 09:58 AM

I'm interested in Costume Cafe(a.k.a. コスカ[kosuka]), But they hold two or three times a year. The latest Kosuka was held in 02/Nov(SUN) while I was off Tokyo...

Posted by: don777 | 05 November 2008 at 11:54 PM

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