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04 July 2009

Otaku Ippiki goes abroad: Torashabu @Singapore review

What's the next place for the Otaku Ippiki? This time, I just visited a newly opened Japanese 'maid Shabu-shabu' restaurant "Torashabu" in Singapore.

(日本語版は、こちらへ。The Japanese version is available here.)

Here's my impression.
(Note: full marks is *****)

[Location: *****]
Excellent. Torashabu is located in Iluma(*1) shopping centre, which is next to Bugis MRT Station. If you stand on the Victoria Street side of Bugis Junction shopping centre, you can easily find the Iluma just in front of you.


Iluma is also a newly opened shopping mall with a cinema complex on the top floor. Apparently, Iluma is targeted at the young generation. I feel the atmosphere is very similar to that of "Chathay Cineleisure Orchard(ex. Orchard Cineleisure)" building.



Cineleisure Orchard is a cinema complex with some otaku goods shops. Iluma has some otaku shops like "Otaku House", and "Comics Connection", too.
(Please see below photos).



Torashabu is a part of the Japanese food court "Ebisboshi Shotengai"(恵比寿星商店 街)(*2). The entrance of the food court has lots of signboards, and even has a cardboard maid-san (please see below(^^)).


Even if you can't read any Japanese, you'll be able to find Torashabu easily because of its moe pictures.


("From Akihabara"(*3), they said)

[Atmosphere/Interior: **+]
Apart from the entrance of the food court, the interior is quite ordinary. It's very functionally designed, and having a white-color scheme.

(Sorry, I can't take any photo inside/Maid-sans. It's strictly prohibited. Please see a linked-photo for reference, LINK-1, LINK-2).

Each table has its own built-in magnetic cooker so that you won't feel too hot.

[Foods: ****+]
The menu is very enjoyable(^^). (Please see photos).




They have ordinary a-la-carte menus. But in the lunch time, they offer a buffet set. (Please see below photos)



I had the buffet since it's quite reasonably priced. I wonder what was on the buffet spread because S$18.99 is really a good bargain for Shabu-shabu buffet. I didn't expect much.

But delightfully, the buffet spread was quite excellent. The taste is very authentic and I'm delighted that they have two kinds of seasoning (Ponzu-sauce, and Gomadare-sauce). The variety of ingredients are enough. You can enjoy a main dish (thin sliced beef), Tofu, vegetable, and even sea foods. Of course, the main dish: beef is very good.

[Maids' attitude/Service: **]
It was not satifsfactory even though there were 4 or 5 maid-sans. Their attitudes were very business-like and formal, like those of Japanese Fami-resu[Family-Resutaurant]. There is no-moe in Torashabu. I can't find any of the maid-cafe like services (e.g. heart-warming welcome/smiling-service, Cheki, and even "fu-fu" feeding).

[Overall: **+]
I have mixed feeling. Torashabu is just like any other Japanese restaurant, which waitresses dressed in maid-uniform as a novelty. If you look for a value-for-money Japanese Shabu-shabu restaurant, this is highly recommended. But if you like to visit a maid cafe/restaurant, this is not for you. It is better to visit Cosafe instead of Torashabu for the maid-cafe experience. Cosafe is a short walk from Iluma.

1) Iluma has no official HP as of today. The occupancy rate of Iluma building is 70% around. I think that Iluma is still in soft-open status, and will have the official HP soon.

2) Ebisboshi Shotengai has a famous Japanese tavern:Tsubohachi(つぼ八).

3) Akihabara never had a maid Shabu-shabu in the history as of today.

[Cafe/Restaurant DATA]
Name    : Tora Shabu / Ebisboshishotengai
Address : 201 Victoria Street,  Iluma/#04-08/09/10, Singapore, 188067
Phone   : (+65) 6238-1011
Business time: 11:00-22:30 (till 23:30 on weekends)
Official HP  : http://www.ebisboshishotengai.com/

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[2012 Comment]
Unfortunately, This Torashabu was closed down in 2012.


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haha maybe the meido-sans are doing the 'tsun-tsun' treatment?

Posted by: Ex-Zer0 | 05 July 2009 at 12:42 AM

Tsun-Tsun...I guess so, too(^^).

Posted by: don777-ax | 05 July 2009 at 12:56 AM

Hmm Interesting... esp the note.

*3) Akihabara never had a maid Shabu-shabu in the history as of today.* =D

It's as good as Singapore's Japanese Pizza lol

Posted by: tueac | 27 July 2009 at 07:07 PM

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