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26 October 2009

Otaku Ippiki goes abroad: 2009-10 Omake report from HK

This article is continued from HK report part-1: Doujin event "Tsuki no Matsuri",  and HK report part-2: maid cafe "Maiderland" .

In this trip, I had very limited time. However, I could ramble around HK towns.
Here's my impression.

(日本語版は、こちらへ。The Japanese version is available here.)

It's still bustling, and the busiest town. The human traffic flow is not broken even in the midnight.




[Photo caption: Yes, Ms. Shibasaki Kou comes to HK.]

[Tsim Sha Tsui/TST]
Long time ago, I made my first step from here as first-time visitor. I walked around TST after a long interval. My overall impression is still the same as before. But TST has been changed in detail.


1st, HMV had been moved to a nearby location. Once, HMV in Peking road is the biggest music store in Asia regions (outside Japan). HMV had lots of J-POP, and Japanese anime CDs. But the original HMV site is now occupied with a sport shop.



The current HMV is much smaller than the original shop. The current HMV has hardly Japanese CDs, sigh...


2nd, the notorious vice-den: Chungking Mansion[CM] is renovated. CM has posh shopping floors besides original dirty floors. In the basement floor, it has nice collections of upmarket shops/cafes.


Japanese coffee shop: the first overseas branch of Okada Coffee is in it. I have a set menu of coffee, and Japanese roll cake. Both are really good, and have authentic Japanese tastes.

[Ngong Ping 360 in Tung Chung town]
Finally, I take a ride to Ngong Ping 360(a gondola in Lantau Island). Although I visit here in a weekday, it has long queue. As many stated, the gondola is stopped several times during my ride because of sudden gusts.
My purpose is not seeing the signature Budda statue, but seeing HKG(HK international airport).




In Tung Chung town, there is the first and the only outlet mall in front of MTR station. Tung Chung town seems to be a typical suburban heartland. The quality of air is far better than those of CBD area in HK.




[Night view from Kowloon Peak]
This is another highlight during my trip. I've ever been to famous Victoria Peak in HK island. But I have never been to Kowloon Peak because the accessibility is very bad(i.e. taxi only, no public transport). Several months ago, I heard that Mr. Marumaru Motoo(the nightview critique) stated that "Kowloon Peak is the best place to see a magnificent night view in HK. I recommend it rather than those of Victoria Peak." This is why I pay (not so small) taxi charge to go to an unknown peak. There are some houses/mansions halfway up the peak. But there's no residence around the top of the peak.

When I arrive a the top, some local forks are already enjoying the night view. Here's my photo from the top.


Oh, it's a great view. You can find the Bank of China Tower in (upper) center of this photo.

(The end.)


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