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18 April 2010

Otaku Ippiki goes abroad: Maid cafe "Akiba-Kiss" @Bangkok

Earlier this year I visited Bangkok and went to a local maid cafe:"Akiba-Kiss". Akiba-Kiss is the revamped version of the first Thai maid cafe:"Akiba" formerly located in the center of BKK.  The original Akiba was shut down two years ago after police raided the place for obscene books.

Is Akiba-Kiss a 'decent' cafe?  Here's my report.
(Note: full marks is *****)


[Location: *****]
I easily give the full marks. It's located in a gigantic shopping centre:"Central World". When you get off the Chit Lom station (of BTS line), you can see "Central World".



It only takes a few minutes to walk from the station via a pedestrian bridge.



Once you enter the building, please go straight through the signature glass corridor (please see photos), and turn left on the corner of StarBucks/Mos-Burger.


Since here's 3rd floor, go on to 7th floor. On the 7th Floor, please go to the northern section of the building (an opposite side of the BTS station).


(This [above] photo was taken on the 7th floor.)

The north-end block is a (dedicated) Japanese pop-culture zone. There are J-DVD shops, and Japanese "character-goods" store(please see photos).





The 7th floor has DVD shop/Yumeya(please see photos. K-ON DVD is now on sale.) Akiba-Kiss is among them.


(The entrance of Akiba-kiss)


(Akiba-kiss has its own muscot characters.)

[Atmosphere/Interior: **+]
Bright and very clean. It is spacious and never at all having indecent atmosphere. You may not know that it is a maid-cafe because Akiba-Kiss has DVD, CD, and Manga section as well as Gothic-Lolita fashion retail space. There is even a CosPri corner, attached with rental cosplay clothes. The majority of the customers that Akiba-kiss targets are apparently young female Otakus, I feel. So, the cafe space is relatively small. It has only a few tables.


(From inside of Akiba-kiss)

[Food: **]
Since this is a makeshift cafe corner, the menu has only limited items like beverages and some sweets (please see photos).




(A whiteboard[recommended] menu)

I ordered some beverages, including coffee. The coffee costs about THB50 (not so expensive by Bangkok standards).

The taste is not bad. But the coffee tastes like Kopi(*1).

[Maids' attitude/Service: **]
Very polite and helpful. But compared to a typical maid-cafe, the manners of their services are not sophisticated. The reason is that the role of maid-sans is a mainly shop keeper, not a waitress, I think.

(Sorry for no photo of maid-sans. Because they have no-photo policy.)

[Overall: **]
Setting the premium location aside, I have no choice to give "less than average" score. If you happen to visit the central BKK shopping district, it's not a bad idea to drop by Akiba-Kiss. Otherwise, I wouldn't recommend Akiba-Kiss...

*1) Kopi is sweetened milk coffee, which is available in traditional coffee shops throughout southeast Asian countries.

[Cafe/Restaurant DATA]
Name    : Akiba-Kiss
Address : 7th-Fl, Centerpoint, Central World, Ratchadamri Rd, Bangkok, Thailand
Phone   : +66-(0)2-613-1224
Business time: 11:00-21:00
Official HP  : http://www.akibakiss.com/

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When you get on BTS/Skytrain stations in BKK, you'll find "Yokoso JAPAN" campaign Ad board in the platform of many stations.


It has three panes, and one has a Moe character (who is she(^^; ?), another has a Samurai (Apparently took Sakamoto Ryoma(from NHK's latest drama: Ryoma-den), who is played by singer-cum-actor:Fukuyama Masaharu.), and the last has text messages (please see photos).





(Close-up of the Moe girl.)

It's good idea to take a moe character for tourism promotion. As many know, Gaimusho [Ministry of Foreign Affairs/MOFA] agressively promotes Japanese pop culture [Cool Japan] since the last year:2009. As part of the campaign, MOFA appointed three Kawaii-Taishi[Kawaii (Goodwill) Ambassador] in 2009. (please refer to the following links for detail: EN-1). MOFA's "Cool Japan" strategy is well written in this article(highly recommended, but JP-only).

Some weeks ago, I see "Yokoso JAPAN" campaign Nakazuri(in-train AD) in Tokyo, It has lots of tourism related persons. Yes, Maid-san is surely included(please see a photo).


[2012 Comment]
Unfortunately, Akiba-kiss  was closed down in 2010.


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AKIBA KISS has closed. Bangkok does not have any active Maid Cafes right now.

Posted by: Dr Who | 07 October 2012 at 02:04 PM

Thank you for a comment. I apology for my extremely late reply. Yes, you are true. Akiba-kiss was already closed down in 2010(the year of Bangkok political crisis).

But in this 2013, I hear that Another Japanese maid-cafe(Maidremin' Akiba) will come to BKK in "Gateway EKAMAI".


Posted by: Don777 | 30 March 2013 at 09:41 AM

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