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31 May 2010

Report: Tokyo Food Bar in Akiba

Hi, everyone. I'm not dead yet(^^;.

Some weeks ago, "Tokyo Food Bar"(TFB) at the JR-Akihabara station officially opened.

The premises of TFB was formerly a casual food court which closed for renovation since the beginning of this year.


(Photo: renovation was in progress)

Let's see what it looks like after renovation. Here's my impression and report.



[Atmosphere: ****]
TFB is still a self-service food court. Compared to the former food court, the interior of TFB is much better and sophisticated. Apparently, it is aiming for the upmarket segments, I think.

[Foods: ****+]
TFB has 7 stalls(Udon stall, Soba stall, bakery cafe, Tomkatsu stall, curry stall, small bar, and Rahmen stall). Firstly, I definitely recommend TFB. The menu is reasonably priced and all the items I tried are very delicious.

  First, I tried a Zarusoba (cold noodles). It costs only JPY390.


It's really delicious and inexpensive. I feel that the Zarusoba here is the best in the Akihabara area.

My second favourite is the Hire-katsu-don(i.e. fillet tonkatsu donburi rice bowl). It costs only JPY750.



  The katsu-don tasted really authentic. The tonkatsu itself is very soft and sweet. When I bit into the tonkatsu in one, I reflexively uttered "Umai![delicious]".

[English availability: *]
The food is really excellent as I wrote above. But I think that TFB does not have the foreign visitor in mind. There are no English menus/signs. Most Japanese foods stalls offer chopsticks only. Moreover, TFB removed the ticket vending machines which the former food court had. So you must say give orders like "Zarusoba/Udon/Katsudon kudasai".

[Overall: ***+]
If you have some basic Japanese spoken/read skill, I absolutely recommend TFB. But if you don't have, you need to try to learnign some basic Japanese.

Name         : Tokyo Food Bar
Address      : 1st floor, JR Akihabara station
Phone        : (undisclosed)
Business time: 7:00-21:00(M-F:7-22), 7D/W
Near station : JR Akihabara
Official HP  : Available [JP-only]

Finally, Akihabara Washington Hotel had (re)started the business after long renovation. Please see the following report(JP-1, JP-2).


Now it has promotional package(please see photo a below)


(Photo: It says "Washington hotel will come back to Akihabara soon")


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