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26 September 2010

[teatime] Tokyo Game Show/TGS 2010

This Autumn, Tokyo hosted lots of events(*1). One of the most significant event among them is certainly the Tokyo Game Show[TGS].
I'd been to Makuhari Messe to see TGS2010 this year. Here's my (very short) impressions.

(日本語版は、こちらへ。The Japanese version is available here.)


[Overall impression]
TGS is getting bigger and bigger with each year. According to an official figure, TGS2010 had more than 200 thousand visitors [pls see this JP-link].
I visited Makuhari Messe on the public day. It was extremely crowded.


I'll show some pictures of what went on inside.

First of all, My disappointment is that Nintendo didn't have its own booth. As a notable critique said, "TGS is now at the turning point" [pls see this JP-link (*2)].

I checked out some Gal-Games. There was a demo of the arcade version of Love Plus[< Konami] .



I'd wanted to see 3D display, but it was a vain attempt because of the long queue. (*3)


They are holding their Nintendo-DSs to get virtual items.



Bandai-Namco presented the 2nd generation of Idol-Master. Although it hadn't been released yet, it has already gotten some rather bad reputation.(*4)

The leading feature of TGS is not games, but the gadgets, I think. 3D display (as I wrote above) is a good example. Another good example is KINECT[< Microsoft] (*5)


Konami showed the latest DDR [Dance Dance Revolution], compatible with KINECT.


I didn't think that motion camera works for every sports games, but KINECT could be a compatible match for DDR. (pls see photos. The game analyzes the motion of player's feet and hands.) if the software can analyze the motion of a player perfectly, it can be a excellent dance trainer rather than a just game.

[Companions/Booth Babes]
TGS has lots of (rather) beautiful girls as promotors/mascots dressed in their eye-ball catching corporate uniform. Here's some examples.




*"Arisa" official cosplayer from God Eater[ < Bandai-Namco]


*Gamania(in the courtyard of Makuhari Messe)


*Gamania(inside of Makuhari Messe)



TGS is also known as the game cosplayer's heaven. For this TGS, the organizer beefed up the cosplay square, and invited Gaijin cosplayers from overseas.

Here's some good cosplayers.


mixaka (from US) plays Beatrice[< Uminekono Nakukoroni]. Beatrice is a good choice for Western cosplayers.


Adella also comes from US, playing a FF7 character. Her pose is so sophisticated. I guess that she is doing modeling.


The last cosplayer is Elsch from Germany. She has a Japanese cosplay name:檜杖 [Hizue]. Hizue-san plays Hatsune-Miku.

I'm very surprised at seeing real Miku-chan, having very long legs(like a real android(^^;). Her face has a little bit of oriental features, I feel. I guess that she is a half/quarter Asian(^^).


From Japan?, AYAKAWA Yunmao綾川 ゆんまお)appears the cosplay square for very short time.

To promote events in Japan, There is Cofesta:event portal(English available).

The author "Sin Kiyoshi(新 清士)" is a very notable game analyst. His column in Nikkei(JP-only) has lots of good suggestions for Japanese game industry.

I deeply missed not seeing Dixies[Makuhari branch(^^;] girls.

The reason is having (handsome) male idols[pls see photos above], and players can never produce some of original characters. Please see this link for detail (JP-only).

I couldn't take any photo because MS bans photography. I was there in a public day. I don't know the reason why MS did so.

[Yet another links]
*ASCII photo report:       LINK-1, LINK-2
*Nikkeibp photo report:    LINK-1
*DENGEKI photo report:     LINK-1
*kotaku.jp cosplay report: LINK-1, LINK-2, LINK-3


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