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27 November 2010

Report: AFA-X(AFA 2010) sono-1(overall impressions)

This is AFA-X(AFA 2010) report/sono-1. Please see the table of contents for all chapters.

Since I can get a MediaPass, I can take lots of photos. OK, Let's go to AFA-X.


(日本語版は、こちらへ。The Japanese version is available here.)

[AFA-X: Overall impressions]
The size of the event was much smaller than I thought. It's half or one third of the Tokyo Anime Fair(TAF). Please see this floor-plan photo for detail.


Yet the visitors' are very strong in their enthusiasm. The place is moderately crowded even after one or two hours after the opening. But after 11a.m., the place became rather congested. When I went for my lunch, the queues at the food court were surprisingly long.

AFA had always been held at the Suntec City convention centre. However, the human traffic looked beyond the capacity of Suntec. Perhaps, it's the time to consider re-locating the event venue from Suntec to the suburban Singapore Expo.

Compared to TAF, AFA had lots of Merchandising booths. The ratio of exhibition/merchandising was 80/20 in TAF. That of AFA was 50/50, I feel. This could be a reflection of the popularity of anime goods in SG(there are much fewer ways to purchase anime goods compared to Japan.).


(This photo is taken on the G/F of Suntec. AFA-X is held on the 4th floor.)


(It's very crownded on the 4th floor, not so easy to get to the entrance.)


(This is entrance of AFA-X.)

[Merchandising booth]
There were two types of shops. One was the manufacturer's official shop (ex. Cospa), the other was the temporary booths of local shops (ex. KKnM). Unfortunately, I couldn't tell if the pricing was reasonable or not.


(COSPA booth)



(BANDAI booth)


(KKnM has a long queue. )


(KKnM shows dolls.)


(Kadokawa World Tour)


(In the morning, there are not so many poeple.)


(This photo is taken during the peak time. I can't see any one of dools in KKnM.)

[Doujin booth]


This was hard to find in TAF. Doujin booths were usually found only at amateur events in Japan.

[Company: Max factory(MAX-F)]


It had glass showcases.

[Company: Good smile company(GSC)]


It had glass showcases, too.

[Company: Brother]


It showed its Karaoke system.

[Company: Sega]


It has a Try-to-Play booth of "Hatusne Miku: Project DIVA".

[Company: Ta-Q-bin by Kuronekoyamato]


This was surprising. Recently, Kuronekoyamato(the courier company in Japan) expanded its business into SG market. This was a kind of promotion activity.


An uniform and a cap is just the same of those of in Japan. This yellow (free) eco-bag is seen everywhere in AFA-X.

[Anime dubbing experience byANIMAX]


This was a very good/interesting section. The system was very similar to the attraction of Tokyo Anime Center(Please see this JP-link).



Suenaga Mirai [an mascot of dannychoo.com])



The idea was not bad to show Itasyas. But I was not satisfied with the display. The number of Itasyas were only three or four.

  Besides that, all the Itasya were professionally finished. So they were just like commercial vehicles rather than doujin/amateur private cars. In Japan, this kind of Itasya booth could easily attract over 50 cars handmade by amateurs. For future events, the organizer should ask local Itasya owners to gather up and show off their private Itasya at the site.

[Cool Japan booth]


This was the most disappointing section. I can agree with the concept of "Cool Japan". However, most of the exhibits were out of place. Today, no one(incl. non-Japanese) would be surprised to see commercial products that were easily available at Japanese mega shops(like Yodobashi/Bic Camera).  If the organizer liked to show commercial products, It's OK if the booth was a bargain sale counter under the name of "Cool Japan". If the pricing was attractive (and if the sale items were all cutting edge products), it would be a much better booth than this "Cool Japan" section.
To promote "Cool Japan", I think that non-commercial products should be shown off. Here's my personal "must exhibit" items in this kind of showcase.
*Humanoid robot: ASIMO < HONDA

*Humanoid robot: HRP-4C < AIST
   Please see this link(JP-1).

*Robot Suit : HAL < Cyberdyne
  Please see my past article for HAL and Cyberdyne.

*Wearable laser display < Brother
  Please see this link(JP-1).

*3D Miku chan
In the spring of 2010, Japan had 1st 3D Miku chan concert. It's a really amazing experience, they said. Please see this JP-link.

[Omake: Personalities whom I met]
*Mr. Danny Choo


I saw him at the site, wearing Ninja uniform. I think that he was the mastermind that brought GSC, MAX-F, and Itasya to this event.

*Team Lyrical Nanoha


They stood out so much in the site.

*Otakuzine Girls



Sailor uniform[Sailor Fuku] in one day. Another day in meido fuku.

*Ika Musume


I think that she was a contributor or a shop staff.

*Madobe Namami


She is maybe a contributor or a shop staff, too. Madobe Namami[JP-link] is the Japanese local mascot character to promote Windows7. I highly appreciate her craftsmanship to make a costume outfit from scratch. (You can see her CM video in youtube.com)

*Umehiko, Doujin Mangaka


(This manga for sgcafe is also Umehiko's work.)

She worked for MMK cafe(I'll mention in the next article) as Mangaka, not a meido-san(^^). In the site, I see a cosplay of Mayoineko-Overrun. I'd like to take her photo. But I can't do so because she doesn't stay in one place (always moving like a real cat).
I really don't know that she was Ume-chan until reading her picture blog. This cosplayer is maybe Umehiko-san.

(To be continued to report: sono-2)

(For Mokuji[TOC], please see this page.)


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