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27 November 2010

Report: AFA-X(AFA 2010) sono-2: MMK meido cafe

This is continued from the report:sono-1. Please see the table of contents for all chapters.

This was my first visit to any mode(*1) of MMK(Moe Moe Kyun) meido cafe. How is my impression? Please read below.

(日本語版は、こちらへ。The Japanese version is available here.)




I didn't know why MMK in AFA-X had its own school uniform. This was because they call it "MMK school days version". But personally, I think that it's more like a just Gakuen (school) cafe, not a meido cafe.
Members who were from last year's cast (almost half(*6) of staffs in the last year) wore a white uniform as sophomore[Ni-Nensei](*7), other staffs wore a navy-blue uniform as freshmen [Ichi-Nensei].


(This is Miyake-san in the white uniform.)

To cut the time to pay the bill, visitors must order at the entrance, and prepay the bill like a Japanese food court. Yes, MMK was a two-day cafe. It's not bad idea to adopt prepayment system although prepayment system is hard to find at Japanese meido cafes.



Very limited(pls. see a photo). MMK had only a few set menus. Beverage selection(incl. coffee, and tea) was also limited. The pricing of set menus was rather expensive even by Akiba standards, however, beverage pricing was very moderate.


(This is the strawberry cake set:S$18. It's my own expense.)




Compared with MMK of the previous year(*2), the interior decor was very beef-uped. A blackboard is a must-have item for a Gakuen cafe.

[Meido-san's attitude]
It's heavily influenced by @home cafe/Mai-dreamin in Akiba, having Moe-pouring performance. To my surprise, the performance of MMK is in Japanese.
I think that it's OK since MMK is an event cafe for two days only. Overall attitude is quite ordinary, but varies from person to a person. This might be because there's not much time to practice together.

[MMK staffs]
All the staffs except Yoshimi-san were first-time-met meido-sans. Yoshimi-san easily recognized me, and said "Don san Ohisasiburi(long time no see)". Meido-sans look much cuter than the photos, I feel. Miyake-san, Hitomi-san, Tomomi-san, and Moe-chan(*3) were all very impressive(*5).

[MMK Goods]
MMK has its own goods like trading cards, NETS-IC-cards(EZ-LINK), and poster. (pls. see a photos).




I don't know if the pricing was reasonable or not. NETS-IC-cards were illustrated by a local Doujin artist:Umehiko, costs S$25 per cards. At a glance, it's very expensive. However, the NETS-IC-cards came with a meal voucher(S$20) from Waraku(A Japanese restaurant).

[Overall: **+](full mark is:*****)
I had mixed feelings. For many AFA visitors, MMK is a first-time meido cafe, and is very special experience. I can highly appreciate MMK since MMK has good potencial. I think that it's really OK as a part of Japanese experience. But MMK for this year was very different from typical meido cafes. The uniform is like that of a Gakuen cafe. Moreoevr, Meido-san's attitude is not always perfect, I feel. If they practice much more, MMK will be able to give much better experience to visitors.

*1) MMK's debut was during the AFA 09. But after that, MMK had a temporary outlet at "COSMO Mascot Parade 2010".

*2) I did not experience MMK at AFA 09. But I saw some of photos in several sites. It was like a business meeting place, I felt.

*3) I guess, the name of Moe may be named after Oshikiri Moe(押切 もえ, a famous top model in Japan). But Moe-chan of MMK is tiny, skinny, and quite Nenrei-fusyo[年齢不詳 (*4), the girl of uncertain age...]. I feel that Moe-chan(at first sight) looks like a junior high student[Chugakusei](^^)... This is because I used the title "-chan", not using "-san".

*4) The word "Nenrei-fusyo" is praise word in Akihabara.

*5) Photography is not allowed inside cafe. Although I have a media pass, I didn't take a photo of them since they are extremely busy all the time.

*6) This ratio is really like meido cafes in Akihabara. The ratio of staff turnover is quite high in Akihabara. It's hard to find who works for the same cafe for more than three years.

*7) Some of sophomore are the member of Project-MYnT(Miyake, Yoshimi, Tomomi). MYnT have multi-talent activities, now. Yoshimi-san and Tomomi-san had a song performance in the "COSMO Youth Parade 2010".

I passed an affiliated cafe:Atelier Royale(the butler cafe)...

It has a DAY-0(preparing) photos, and a DAY-1(inside the MMK cafe) photos.

It has inside the MMK cafe photos.

It has the official photobook in AFA-X.

In  6/DEC-12/DEC/2010, MMK will have a mobile cafe in Liang Court as a part of Japanese Festa.

(To be continued to report:sono-3)


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