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27 November 2010

Report: AFA-X(AFA 2010) sono-3: Events

This is continued from the report:sono-2. Please see the table of contents for all chapters.

AFA-X held lots of stage events at both the mini-stage and main stage(Concert hall). Please see below photos for mini-stage schedule, and please see these pages(DAY-1, and DAY-2) for main hall schedule.



I did not have much time to cover all of these events. However, I enjoyed the events very much. Please read below for detail.

(日本語版は、こちらへ。The Japanese version is available here.)

[Event in Mini stage]
*Coplay Meet & Greet: Kaname★


Half of it was a talk-show, the other half is a photography session(Kinen Satsuei kai). Unfortunately, I had never talk to Kaname-san. As far as I can see, Kaname-san is very popular among visitors.

*Coplay Meet & Greet: Aira


After seeing the AFA-X official site, I don't know the name of Aira-san at all(^^;. She wears the costume of Black Rock Shooter, and is warmly welcomed to visitors.

*Anisong (Karaoke) Preliminary


I watched only two or three contestants. The photo shows a female contestant singing the theme song of Cutie Honey. This is only preliminary(Yosen). But the song performance(in Japanese) are all very good, I feel.

[Event in Main stage]
*Mr. Danny Choo on stage


D/C talks about his activities in Japan. But I don't know why he wears a Ninjya suit(^^;.


*Milky Holmes Appearance


First, the president:Kidani greeted visitors, then, the four main Seiyus appeares on stage.



They sang two theme songs for Milky Holmes. Their dancing performance is much better than I expected(^^;. Please also see D/C's site for close-up photos, and backstage photos.

*Regional Cosplay Championship for WCS2011
AFA holds the "Regional Cosplay Championship"(WCS2011 地区予選大会)every year.

This is my first experience to watch staged cosplay performance on the main stage(*1). Here are photo samples(*2) of each teams' stage.

--Malaysia team--


(Yoshimi-san[ex-WCS Singapore representative] acts as MC in this event. )

--Thailand team--



(Aira-san makes comment to Thailand team. )

--Philippine team--


--Singapore team--



--Indonesia team--



*I Love Anisong: Overall impression
I feel slightly funny at seeing the name of performers. There is no top Seiyus like Mizuki Nana, Tamura Yukari, Hirano Aya, and Horie Yui. I think that Tamura Yukari is very good for overseas performance as a singer as well as a Gothic Lolita ambassador.

*I Love Anisong: Hatsune Miku concert
Hatsune Miku is the screen for the short time like a film concert. I'm very disappointed at not seeing 3D Miku-chan, which was shown in Spring/2010 in Tokyo. If "Cool Japan" was a very important motif of AFA, 3D Miku-chan must be brought to the concert at all costs, I feel.

*I Love Anisong: Jam Project concert



It's very good live performance. As for me, I was very glad that Okui Masami sang "Rondo -revolution"(theme song for Revolutionary Girl Utena[1997]) as of members' solo part.
(Photos were taken in an advanced talk session before the concert since photography in the concert is strictly not allowed.)

*I Love Anisong: Mizuki Ichiro[a.k.a. Aniki] concert
For me, this is the best part of ILA because Aniki sang lots of very old Anisongs. (ex. Babel II[1973], Great Mazinger[1974], Barom One[1972], Kaiketsu Zubat[1977]...and so on)

*I Love Anisong: Angela concert
This is the only concert that I watched in day-2(SUN). Day-1 is 90% of occupancy rate, however, this concert is 100% occupied. Angela sings many songs for Fafner, and Stellvia.

*1) Sorry, but I don't know how/who to judge the team, and the detail of regulations. [i.e. time limit, what can/can't be used on the stage...]

*2) These photos are all not modified except resizing. Since I come to the main hall later, the best place to take photo are fully occupied. I must take these photos much away from the stage. The focal range is near 500mm(film equivalent). Although I don't use professional-grade photo equipment, and not using a tripod/flash, these photos are not bad output. Thanks to today's DSLR technology.

(To be continued to report:sono-4)


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