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04 December 2010

Report AFA-X(AFA 2010) Sono-5: Cosplay report Day-2

This is continued from the report:sono-4.

Let's go to the cosplay square of AFA-X in DAY-2.

(日本語版は、こちらへ。The Japanese version is available here.)

In DAY-2, Besides hall-404 (a makeshift cosplay square), There is a cosplay dedicated square on the 3rd floor(*1). The space is large, however, it's located outside of AFA-X hall. This meant that it easily attracted curious Ippanjin(一般人, non-otakus), using their mobile-phone cameras.


In the morning, there wasn't much crowd (pls. see a photo above), and people can easily take photos.


But in the afternoon, it's overcrowded like Orchard Rd. on Sunday(pls. see another photo above).

This is the list of cosplayers, seen on DAY-2 in chronological sequence.


DAY-2 #1
       CN: YONOR [cure:223898, blog(EN), blog(JP)]
Referenced  Work:  Sailor Moon(unconfirmed, *11)
The costume making is so good. She attracts many flashes since the standing position is the best place for photographers, too.


DAY-2 #2
       CN: Crisa
Referenced  Work:  (Santa Girls, original creation)
In Nov/Dec , "Santa Girls" can be seen everywhere in Japan. However,  "Santa Girls" is less popular than that of Japan.


DAY-2 #3
Referenced  Work:  Kin'irono Corda[La Corda d'Oro] (> Hino Kahoko)
She is the only cosplayer of "Kin'irono Corda". The pose with the violin is very good.


DAY-2 #4
       CN:AngelRyn, 天使 鈴 (てんしりん) [D/A, cure:240292, blog](*10)
  Referenced  Work: The Disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi
Good posing. Shoushitsu version of Suzumiya Haruhi is not so easy-to-find cosplay in Japanese cos-event, I think.



DAY-2 #5
       CN:Angela(as team leader)
   Referenced  Work:  (Meido-san, original creation)
This is the only meido team on DAY-2. The four meido-sans are all hyper energetic, strikes many Kawaii posing.


DAY-2 #6
       CN:Jiesiさん(left: as Luca)
  Referenced  Work: Vocaloid deriative
Comment: This costume is very popular in a Japanese cos-event.


DAY-2 #7
Referenced  Work: Final fantasy(>Yuna, Diva version)
I could only spot this Yuna-san for a very short while on DAY-2. Good cosplaying, however I failed to ask her her contact info.


DAY-2 #8
       CN:revenant-wingz(unconfirmed, *11)
Referenced  Work:  Alice in the Country of Hearts(> Vivaldi, The Queen)
She is one of the best cosplayers on DAY-2. The red costume is really excellent. I wonder if she made the costume by herself... Please see the good nail art, too.


DAY-2 #9
  Referenced  Work: Welcome to The Pia carotte!!3 (Paroparo type uniform)
This Paroparo type uniform is one of the best known cosplay costume in Japan. Although the original game was released a long time ago, cosplayers in this uniform could be seen at almost all cos-events.
In Japan, this Paroparo type uniform can be purchased via several Japanese internet shopping sites(JP-LINK1), and costs for the full outfit(incl. a signature belt, and long ribbons) less than only 1.0man-Yen(= USD120) since there are lots of replicated costumes available(mostly made-in-China). But I highly appreciate her effort to make the uniform from the scratch.


DAY-2 #10
       CN:畑 はらさき(hatake-harasaki)[D/A, cure: 197200, blog(EN), blog(JP)]
  Referenced  Work: Hatsune Miku
Her cosplaying of Miku-chan is so kawaii. Her Japanese blog(on Ameblo) is also excellent. Please see her Japanese blog if you can read Japanese.


DAY-2 #11
  Referenced  Work:  (Gothic Lolita, Original creation)
I really don't know that she(?) is a male coplayer(^^;; till he told me his contact info(because it had the word "Jonny"). To post this photo, I have a confirmation(allowance) from him. This cosplaying is called "Josou" in Japan. His "Josou" is really excellent, however, he might not be able to participate in a Japanese cos-event since "Josou" is banned at most cos-events in Japan.
(This photo has a color correction by himself, thanks.)



DAY-2 #12
       CN:Sue [cure:101944, blog]
  Referenced  Work: Megurine  Luka(Geisya Ver)
Her costume making is very excellent. Sue-san is one of cos-card holders.
         (This photo has a color correction by herself, thanks.)


DAY-2 #13
       CN: Miyuki
  Referenced  Work: Pandora Hearts
She stood out so much on DAY-2. I'm very impressed by her youth since Japanese cos-events are usually for young adults, not seen so young cosplayers like her.


DAY-2 #14
  Referenced  Work: Magna Carta II(> Clare Setilan)
She is one of the best cosplayers on DAY-2. The original art work(which can be seen on the official site) is so difficult that no one can make the same costume. But she recompiled the original art work, and complete making the costume, I think. Her posing is also excellent.



DAY-2 #15
       CN:Sheryl:Shin-eh,  Ranka:Jelly-Kanami
  Referenced  Work:  Macross-F(Sheryl & Ranka)
The difference in height between the two is very noticeable. Sheryl-sama in a red costume is not seen except her.



DAY-2 #16
       CN:Kiyomi [cure: 179158]
  Works:  (Miedo-san, Original creation)
So kawaii!  Her posing skill is so excellent, just like that of a professional model.


DAY-2 #17
       CN:音月(Himeji Ototsuki)[D/A, cure: 222229]
  Referenced  Work:  Panty & Stocking(> Stocking)
I think that she is a friend of "Panty & Stocking" duo, who was seen in DAY-1. Although her light saber is dimly lit(because of lower power of battery?), she stood out so much. Her D/A site has lots of excellent photos. I recommend these photos(LINK-1, LINK-2). Please check them up.
( Ototsuki-san is one of cos-card holders.)

*1) Please let me note again. I guess that Hall-404 is occupied by cosplayers by default although the space might not have been part of the event. The organizer and the Suntec management office might have given a silent approval to cosplayers.

*10) I failed to ask her for contact info. If you know the contact info of the cosplayer(or who she is, where her site is) , please tell me via comment.

*11) This means that I can get the contact info, and sent an email for verification. But I have no reply as of today.

This is the end of serial reports for AFA-X. Thank you so much for reading.

Sorry, but I don't make up my mind to participate in the next AFA(AFA-XI? or AFA 2011). But I hope to see AFA again in the near future.

(If you like to see the table of contents of all chapters for AFA-X report, Please see this page.)


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