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02 December 2010

Report AFA-X(AFA 2010) Sono-4: Cosplay report Day-1

This is continued from the report:sono-3. (Please see this page for Mokuji[Table of contens])

AFA-X is not just an exhibition, but also a cosplayers' festival. Compared to Japanese Major (otaku) event, cosplayers in AFA are not widely covered by mass media(*1).

This is because I had aggressively taken photos for AFA-X.

(日本語版は、こちらへ。The Japanese version is available here.)

In DAY-1, the cosplay area is near entrance gate, and an adjacent vacant hall: 404(*2).
I'm surprised at seeing their excellent cosplaying skills. It's far better than I had expected. First, I'd like to write about the difference between Japanese cosplay events and AFA-X cosplay(*3).

              *              *              *              *

*Youth oriented
In Japanese cos-events, most cosplayers are in their 20's or sometimes in the 30's. So participation in a cos-event is not always a youth hobby, but also working adults' hobby in Japan. But cosplayers in AFA-X seem to be in their late-teens, I feel.

*Coscard is not common
I took the photos of more than 40 cosplayers at AFA-X. But I only got two Coscards(Cosplayers' name card). Coscard is must have item amongst Japanese cosplayers(*5). If you like to know the email address to give photo images, a memo pad must be needed. Yes, I always have my own memo pad as back-up to participate in a cos-event.

*Taking photos in a circle
Taking photos of an idol, it's very common to stay in a circle , and take photos at the same time. Yes, this is a global standard. But in Japan, taking photos of a cosplayer to wait in a line, and take photo one-by-one. This is a very common practice at a Japanese cos-event although I don't think that it's a good way of taking photo of idols.

*Couple cosplaying is not special
A pair of male/female cosplayers(it may not always girl-friend/boy-friend, may be a brother/sister) are seen many times in AFA. It's not so common in a Japanese cos-event.

*Mom's visit is not special
I see many overaged women in an AFA cosplay square. It seems to be a mom of female cosplayer. But this situation is hard to imagine at a Japanese cos-event since a cos-event in Japan is partly a hobby of young adults.

*Jyosou is not banned
"Jyosou"(女装) means that cross-cosplaying by male cosplayers. Jyosou is usually banned in a Japanese cos-event since Jyosou cosplay has a bad history(*4).

*Taking souvenir-photo is OK
This means that Ippanjin(一般人, non-otakus) takes self-photos with a cosplayer using their camera of their mobile phones. This is rarely seen in a Japanese cos-event.

OK. Sorry for an expected long introduction. Let's got to a cosplay square.
All these photos are taken in DAY-1, the sequence is in chronological sequence.


DAY-1 #1
      CN: Unknown(*10)
Referenced Work: Black Butler(> Ciel Phantomhive ?)
comment: It's taken just in front of entrance gate.



DAY-1 #2
      CN: Sheryl:ayuyu[D/A, cure:176879], Ranka:Beckie
Referenced Work:  Macross-F(Sheryl & Ranka)
Very good at costume making techniques and posing. This is a symbolic shot which describe the situation of cosplay at AFA (^^). In Japanese cos-event, There are so many tight regulations. It's almost impossible to take a photo just in front of an escalator in operation.


DAY-1 #3
      CN: karoru-chan
    From: Malaysia
Referenced Work: Getsumento Heiki Mina (> Tamamushi Mina)
I'm so excited to hear the name of the character. I like "Getsumento Heiki Mina" so much. The costume making is so good. But I wonder how she can get a red Randoseru(backpack for Japanese primary school students) outside Japan.


DAY-1 #4
     CN: nekokit
Referenced Work: Blazblue (> Rachel Alucard)
comment: Nice works. Please see the works of the signature umbrella.


DAY-1 #5
      CN: amy
  Referenced Work:  Chobits
comment: It's still popular even in Japan, too.


DAY-1 #6
      CN: Jesuke(J助?)[D/A(EN), cure:112878(JP), blog(CN)]
  Referenced Work:  Alice in the Country of Hearts( > Blood Dupre)
According to the cosname, Jesuke-san is very specializing at Dansou(男装, cross cosplay by female cosplayer). Costume making, Dansou make-ups, posing are all excellent, Omigoto! I guess that she is a notable cosplayer in SG since she is interviewed by EOY.


DAY-1 #7
      CN: Unknown(*10)
  Referenced Work: Vocaloid deriative
comment:It's taken just in front of entrance gate.


DAY-1 #8
      CN: Kagome[cure: 239710]
  Referenced Work: Vocaloid deriative
comment: Nurse-Miku-chan is very popular at Japanese cos-events.


DAY-1 #9
      CN: Sheryl:Kirisaki(霧咲)[D/A, cure:95417], Ranka:Beckie
  Referenced Work:  Macross-F(Sheryl & Ranka)
comment:Costume making, posings are excellent.


DAY-1 #10
      CN: ☆KIKO☆[cure: 143441]
  Referenced Work:  Macross-F(Sheryl & Ranka)
comment: It's taken just in front of an entrance panel( Kira!! ).


DAY-1 #11
      CN: Jeannette
 Referenced Work:D Grey Man
I confused the cosplay with "Kaichou wa meido-sama". But she told me that it's from the last episode of "D Grey Man".


DAY-1 #12
      CN: sakurazaki [cure:173026, cosplay:127701, D/A]
 Referenced Work:Kobato
comment: A hand-prop:vinyl umbrella creation is so good.


DAY-1 #13
      CN: Absorber as Ushiromiya Battler
      CN: Kuro.子猫 [D/A, cure 240323] as Beatrice-sama
  Referenced Work:  Umineko no Naku Koro ni
comment: They are a part of large "Umineko no Naku Koro ni" Awase team.


DAY-1 #14
      CN: Miyuki
  Referenced Work:  Macross-F(Nyan-Nyan Tei)
comment: This is the only "Nyan-Nyan Tei" cosplay in two days.


DAY-1 #15
      CN: Unknown (*11)
  Referenced Work: Hatune Miku
comment: A hand-prop:pinky ring light is so good.


DAY-1 #16
      CN: 悠鈴(YuRin)
  Referenced Work:  (Original creation)
She stands out so much. Gothic lolita in Japanese style is so good. I ask her why using Baidu. She tells me that she is a Chinese, and studying in SG now.


DAY-1 #17
      CN: Xrystal[D/A, cure: 17914/晶] as Stocking
      CN: Sakana[D/A, cure:7798/邪神魚] as Panty
  Referenced Work:  Panty & Stocking
It's very fast to make costumes. hand-props: LED-lights are so striking in a gloomy hall-404. A larger photo is available on Xrystal-san's D/A site. (Yes, I'm a die-hard Alpha mount user from Minolta era(^^;.)



DAY-1 #18
      CN: melody(*11)
  Referenced Work:  (Original creation ?)
Her posing skills are like that of a professional model.


DAY-1 #19
      CN: Kristell
    From: Philippine
  Referenced Work: Hatune Miku
Kawaii!(the head is so mall...) I'm very surprised that she comes from Philippine. She attracts so many flashes.


DAY-1 #20
      CN: Cheryl[cure: 104705/Ki-Chan, blog]
    From: Malaysia
  Referenced Work:  Macross-F(Sheryl & Ranka)
This type of costume(Universal Bunny) is only done by them over the two-day event.

*1) Japanese major otaku events which cosplayers can take part in are Comiket, Wonder-Festival, Tokyo Game Show(pls. read my report for TGS2010), and so on. But all these events are massively covered by professional photographers from mass-media. You can see lots of professional photos through Japanese internet portal sites. This is because I less go major events and take less cosplayers' photo.

*2) I guess that Hall-404 is occupied by cosplayers by default although the space might not have been part of the event. The organizer and the Suntec management office may give a silent approval to cosplayers. Thanks for good job.

*3) One of the major cos-events in SG is EOY, which is held in Dec every year. But I have never been to SG cos-event(incl. EOY). So I'm not sure that cosplayers' manner in this AFA is similar to those of other cos-events in SG.

*4) Earllier in the history of Japanese cosplay, Jyosou is accepted at otaku-events. But bad Jyosou cosplays grew more and more. It gradually degraded to bad impressions.

*5)Japanese Coscards usually have a Cure-ID and/or a Cosplayers' Archive-ID(known as "Ar-kaibu" in short). Both Cure and Archive is the most well known cosplayers' SNS. Archive is currently in Japanese only. But Cure has international pages/menus. It's no problem to register your name if you are not a cosplayer. Both sites have lots of non-cosplayer members.

*10) I failed to ask her for contact info. If you(i.e. reader of this article) know the contact info of the cosplayer(or who she is, where her site is) , please tell me via comment.

*11) This means that I can get the contact info, and sent an email for verification. But I have no reply as of today.

(To be continued to report:sono-5: cosplay DAY-2)


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