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12 June 2011

CWHK31/2011 @ Hong Kong: short report

This is a backlog. The date of the actual event was in Feb 2011 .

After visiting AFA-X[2010], I considered going to CWHK(Comic World Hong Kong, the long established Otaku event in HK) since I have never ever been to CHWK.

I finally got to CWHK(CWHK31) during February this year. This is a short report of my experience.

(日本語版は、こちらへ。The Japanese version is available here.)


[The venue, admission]
It's held in KITEC[Kowloon bay International Trade & Exhibition Centre] which is very close to the centre of HK. KITEC is not a pure convention centre but also a retail mall. Compared with Suntec City(< Singapore) or Tokyo Big Sight, KITEC is not that big a venue.


At first, I had difficulties on how to gain admission. This is mainly because I can't understand(*1) Cantonese. If can speak Cantonese, it's very easy to get through.

(Please see detail in the official website.)

[Doujin booths]
The scene is very similar to most (medium sized) Doujin events.  But the price tag is very reasonably priced even for HK standard.



This is main reason to visit CWHK. CWHK has no dedicated cosplay booths according to someone knowledgeable. All the cosplayers congregate at a proper place outside the main venue (but in the building) for photo-shoot. The security officers never chase them away.
To my surprise, all the food outlets welcome cosplayers for a lunch, or coffee breaks.(*2)

The habits of cosplayer(cosplaying) is very similar to what I saw in AFA-X(in Singapore, 2010, please read a report for detail). The only difference (which I feel) is the communication problem.
All the public announcements are all in Cantonese. In today's HK, most of young Kong-Kongerers are still not so good at using English.

I took some photos of HK local cosplayers. Here are some examples.
The sequence is in chronological sequence.


     Character Name (CN): SYK Hakkai[Blog]
Referenced Work: S.K.Y. 蓮咲伝(金蝉子)
Comment: At first sight, I feel why Chinese cosplay in HK ? But this is from a Japanese Otome(girls oriented) game.


     CN: Cherry
Referenced Work:  Vocaloid derivative
Comment: The costume and props is well made. This place (near a glass well in the centre of the building) is a popular photo shooting site.


     CN: Surui[blog-JP, facebook] et al
Referenced Work: K-ON
Comment: All are so young. Surui-san(as Yui-chan in the center)  is very good at Japanese.


     CN: Unknown(*10)
Referenced Work: Vocaloid derivative
Comment: Vocaloid is also very popular in HK.


     CN: Lesley
Referenced Work:  博麗 霊夢[Hakurei Reimu, from Touhou Project]
Comment: The costume is well-made, and her posing is very good.





     CN: Haya.[cure:112878(JP), Blog] et al
Referenced Work:  Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei[from a DVD box art]
Comment: They are in Awase(team cosplaying) for "Higurashi no Naku Koro ni".
Although they are carrying an exclusive photographer, I can take some shot of maid-sans. Haya-san's (having light brown hair) posing skill is like a professional model.


     CN: Cherry Cat
Referenced Work: Vocaloid derivative
comment: Koi-iro version of Vocaloid is very popular in Japanese events. But she is the only cosplayer which in in this costume.


     CN: Kazu
Referenced Work: Unknown(*10)
comment: I'm very impressed because she carries a backdrop for photo shooting. Taking own backdrop is not common in Japanese events.


     CN: Unknown(*10)
Referenced Work:  秋山 澪(Akiyama Mio, from K-ON)
comment: The contrast to the orange wall is very good. Thanks.


     CN: Unknown(*10)
Referenced Work:  [Kinomoto Sakura, from C.C. Sakura]
comment: C.C. Sakura is rather nostalgic work. But it's still popular in HK, too.



     CN: Rhomby[blog]
 Referenced Work:Hatsune Miku (from  EX: Producers)
comment: She is one of the best cosplayers I have seen in CWHK31. Both costume and props is very good. This kind of large props are not allowed in most Japanese events(except Wonder Festival).


     CN: Unknown(*10)
Referenced Work:  Vocaloid derivative
comment: I took this photo on a corridor. This situation is hard to see in Japanese events because Japanese events usually have very strict regulations.

*1) The Chinese character is an ideogram. I can distinguish each one, and can know the rough meanings of each characters. But I can't say properly, and can't command properly.

*2) In most Japanese cosplay events, it's not recommended to go to food outlets with cosplaying.

*10) This means that I can get the contact info, and sent an email for verification. But I have no reply as of today.

LamLam san(the maid-in-chief) of Cafe Matsuri shows up in the venue.




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