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08 September 2012

Teatime: Hatsune Miku Cafe[2012.08] @AnimateCafe/Ikebukuro-Tokyo/Japan

Hi everyone. First of all, let me apologize for not publishing any report for long time. But this blog and myself is not dead, yet.

This report is on Hatsune Miku (temporary name) Cafe @AnimateCafe/Ikebukuro.
It opened its doors to the public for one month from  01 to 30 Aug 2012 only.


How good is the world's first Hatsune Miku themed cafe ?
Here's my report.
(Note: full marks is *****)

(日本語版は、こちらへ。The Japanese version is available here.)

[Location: ****]
The location is excellent. Ikebukuro is the one of hub towns in inner Tokyo.
If you know the Sunshine-60 street, it's very easy to find the cafe.
(Please see the map in the official website. It's slightly away from Animate Shop[The HQ].)

[Atmosphere/Interior: ****]
Actually, the cafe is originally Animate Cafe (run by Animate). It opened as Hatsune Miku Cafe from 01.08.2012 to  31.08.2012.
Compared to typical maid cafes in Akihabara, it's rather big (having 12 four-seater tables).


The interior is sophisticated. Lots of Vocaloid images (by well-known Vocaloid artists) and related goods are displayed in the store. Please see photos below.




  Even soft-drink servers in the kitchen displayed Vocaloids.



  A genuine DX7(The most well-known FM synthesizer by YAMAHA. the disign motif of Hatsune Miku) is displayed.


  Photo: Right/G-design(to Vocaloid products) award certificate, Left/Cafe original illustration pops.

[Foods: ****]
(All the food/beverages are my own expense.)
Like maid cafes, the menu has only limited items such as light meal, dessert and beverages. (please see the official menu photos. It has also price list.)


I ordered a soft drink, and some sweets. To my surprise, all my ordered items
tasted very good.


  Photo: Miku themed soft drink served with a cake[Negi shaped], and Kagamine Rin/Len themed shaved ice.


  Photo: Miku themed Anmitsu(a Japanese traditional summer sweets), please see the jelly(G clef shaped).

[Staff's attitude/Service: N/A]
Sorry, I didn't communicate much with the staff since my attention is on its interior and displayed items.

[Overall: ****]
This is a temporary concept cafe for just one month. I didn't expect much before visiting the cafe.
However, I'm very satisfied with all. It's very regrettable that the Hastune Miku cafe concept is not for the public any more. The cafe is really good for overseas Anime/Otaku event, too.

[Misc.: Hatsune Miku hijacks FamilyMart]
There's another Hatsune Miku related shops. Family Mart(Japanese nation-wide convenience store) featured Hatsune Miku from 08.2012 to 09.2012. (Please see the official site for detail)


Photo: An AD on a JR station.

In Ikebukuro, there are lots of Family Mart. I visited one of them. Here are some photo shots from outside of the store.
(Photography is prohibited inside stores)



  Photo: Outer walls


Photo: entrance



The 5th anniversary(birthday?) campaign is still going on. Please see the campaign site for detail(JP-only).



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lol. i wish we had cafes like that in USA. i wish we had cat cafe, miku cafe, cosplay/maid cafe.

Posted by: alucard13mmfmj | 21 January 2013 at 03:52 PM

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