13 March 2011

Teatime: Atre Akihabara(Open the doors in 19.11.2010)

This is a backlog during 2010.


JR Akihabara station had another on-site shopping center, named Atre. (*1)
  (Please read below for a full article.)

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23 November 2009

Tea time: Akiba Winter Illumination 2009

From early Nov, Akiba UDX has started the seasonly winter light-up. This time, Akiba UDX is illuminated with lots of LEDs.

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19 September 2009

(Short) Report: Saizeriya: Italian cafe/restaurant in Akiba

Hi, Sorry for the month-long interval. I haven't forgetten about blogging.

Recently, the Italian F&B chain Saizeriya opened an outlet near JR Akihabara station. Do you know of Saizeriya? It's very popular in Japan and is expanding rapidly. Now, Saizeriya has several overseas outlets in Asia (e.g. China, Hong Kong, Singapore...).

Here's my short review.

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02 August 2009

News: Akiba Uchimizukko Event 2009

On 01/Aug, Akiba held its annual Uchimizukko (Water-Splashing) event.

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28 July 2009

News: Ayanami Itasha in Akiba (07.2009)

Last week, I spotted an Ayanami Itasha in Akihabara. It's apparently designed to coincide with the release of the latest Evangelion movie.

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27 July 2009

News: Akiba building update(27.07.2009)

I apologise for the long interval. The Sumitomo Akihabara building finally opened the doors to the public two weeks ago. G/F is a large event space.

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28 June 2009

[teatime] 28.Jun.2009: Yodobashi Akiba-chan's PV

As I wrote before,  Yodobashi-Akiba has its own store mascot:Akiba-chan,now.

At long last, Akiba-chan has its own PV.

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15 June 2009

Teatime: Akiba town update(06.2009)

Since Tokyo/Akiba is now in a short rainy season, this Teatime has very limited info.

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09 June 2009

News: Akiba building update(06.2009)

As I wrote before, A new building is now under construction. The name is  Sumitomo Akihabara Building[SAB].

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19 April 2009

News: Akiba building update(18.04.2009)

Do you know the Sumitomo Akihabara building?

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